Robbing Ourselves of His Blessings

I needed this little reminder this morning more than anything ya’ll, so I wanted to share with you. God is so good.

Our lives have been pulled a million directions these past few weeks, spending every second we aren’t working or at church to pick paint colors, carpet, tile, any and all details that needed to be finalized. Then actually making all the details come together, installing light fixtures, door knobs, all the fun stuff. We honestly feel like we haven’t had a chance to breathe.

I’ve had a breakfast routine with my coworkers on Friday mornings for a little over six months now. This morning I didn’t get to go to our normal breakfast, because I was up at 6:15 folding clothes that I had washed between packing last night and that got my normal morning routine off.

So I ran through the McDonald’s drive thru to pick up breakfast and God gave me the biggest blessing. You know McDonald’s has two order lanes? And when you get up to that little fork where it merges in to one to pay and pick up your food nobody really knows what to do? Well this morning the older gentleman beside me threw his arms up like what are we going to do? I motioned for him to go in front of me and he smiled and did.

I thought to myself that if it was any other morning that I probably would have charged right on ahead of him, not even pausing to give it another thought because I had somewhere to be. I’m normally running behind in the mornings on my way to work so I would be coming through like a bull in a china shop to get to my destination on time. But this morning, I wasn’t focused on the clock, I just let the man go first.

I pulled up to the window and the cashier said the man in front of you bought your breakfast this morning. And my heart melted. I knew right then that God had orchestrated everything that happened this morning for me to experience that one blessing. I know it sounds super silly. But I’ve got soooooooo caught up in the hustle and bustle of my routine of life lately that I just rush through everything and don’t take the ten extra seconds it takes to be a blessing to someone or even allow God to use others to bless me.

Of course, I purchased the lady behind me’s breakfast and I saw her buy the person behind her’s. I know just from one man’s act of kindness that at least four people were blessed and started this Friday morning with a smile. & I even got to work five minutes early today! I pulled up beside the man at the stop light and told him thank you and God bless you after we pulled out of the parking lot, and he was grinning from ear to ear.

The moral of this story and the reminder that I learned today, don’t be like I’ve been. Don’t be so caught up in a routine, firing through everything in such a hurry that you don’t get to experience the blessings that God has in store for you.


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