A Father’s Love


So you are probably wondering why in the world I am sharing a picture of my dashboard – but is there any better feeling than going from having your gas light on to having a full tank?

I casually mentioned to my dad a few weekends ago that I would come over one weeknight and borrow his vacuum to clean my car out. We have a vacuum for our cars, but since our entire house is packed up in boxes, I didn’t want to start digging to find it. Next thing I knew, my dad was texting me when he got off work and said he was on his way to come get my car. Guess what he was going to do? Vacuum out my car for me. So when I met up with him to get my car back and give him his truck; I found out that he had vacuumed, filled my tank up AND took my car to get an inspection without me even asking.

I started thinking about how truly blessed I am, about how much my dad loves me and cares for me. Then it hit me, I have a Heavenly Father who does the same.  When my spiritual tank is empty, He pours in to me exactly what I need, in the moment when I need it most. When I need an inspection, He puts something in my life that brings me back to reality, and reminds me of His promises in His Word. And, while I can’t clean my sins up, He sent His son to die for me, and wiped my slate clean. How truly blessed we each and everyone are, by a Father’s love.


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