Empty Room


Life has been a complete and utter whirlwind lately. Our home went under contract to sell in the middle of October. & ever since, I’ve been reminiscing on memories savoring all of our lasts in this sweet home. This weekend we spent our last night there. My mind flashed back to so many great memories that happened here. The first time I met my husband, our first dates, to when we got engaged on the back porch, came home on our wedding night, so on and so forth. I love to laugh and think about how much of a bachelor pad it looked like. When we first started dating my husband had three ducks hanging on the wall, they weren’t even in the center of the wall. But slowly and surely over the past three years, we took this house he lived in by himself and created our home. Our love for each other grew in this house. Before it was our home, it was Thomas’ grandparents home, I thought about all of the holidays they had to have hosted there, the people and families that had been prayed for in that home, etc. I wish these walls could talk – oh the stories they could tell.

We’ve been slowly moving things out weekend by weekend for the past several weeks. We don’t have a home to move in to as of yet, but we are living with his parents until we find something. Yesterday, we moved the very last piece of us out of the house. I realized after all of the stuff was out that it wasn’t our home anymore – it was just a house. I had spent many nights last week crying while enjoying the last few moments there and my husband reminded me then that home is where we are, not the four walls that surround us. While the memories we will hold forever dear, the house is going to become a home to a new family. They will love and cherish, they will have memories just like we did – but when it’s time for them to move on, it will just become a house again.

As I stood there looking at our empty living room yesterday, I thought of a human. How we could be seen the same way. Completely empty. Then we accept Christ and he moves into our hearts and makes us beautiful. I was reminded that you don’t know what someone is going through, everything could be beautiful and put together on the outside but on the inside they could be broken and empty. Just like our house had been complete chaos with moving boxes and things everywhere for the last month. I was reminded how God could take something with holes all in it, and make it beautiful again. Just like how we did with our gallery wall of photos, the wall was covered in holes, from misplaced ducks to empty nails where photos once hung, and we made it beautiful again. I was reminded that it’s what goes into something that makes it beautiful, and just as homes are made beautiful in their owners unique way – God does that to each and every single one of us. It’s not what’s on the outside that counts – it’s what we do with what’s placed inside that makes the difference.



5 thoughts on “Empty Room

  1. Nicole says:

    Beautifully written. Just beautiful. So thankful for friends like your family! This Thanksgiving I will be reminded not only of our family, our home, but the friends and people who God out in our path like you – to be so thankful to know! Merry Thanksgiving, you are so loved!!!

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  2. Brenda Phillips Johnson says:

    Oh My Jordan… So beautiful your soul and heart is! So beautifully written and so true. I am constantly seeing why you are so Special to me… It is because your light shines so bright, free and pure. You make it impossible not to just love you girl! So glad that God seen fit to cross our paths. A true woman of God you are!!!

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  3. Brenda Phillips Johnson says:

    Oh My Jordan… Just beautiful and true. I see why you have always been so special to me… Your light shines so bright, pure and free from the depths of your soul… You make it impossible not to love you girl… So glad God seen fit for our paths to cross in this life. You are a true woman of God and I can only imagine what wonderful things he has in store for your future! Love you Young Lady!!!


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