New York City

Guys, I am soo sorry I’ve been a total slacker when it comes to my blog recently. Life has totally got in the way for us. My husband received an exciting new promotion at his job, but now drives three counties a day to get there. We’ve listed our house, spent hours scrounging online, looking for a new place to call home, all while waiting for our home here to sell; along with all the other day to day challenges we face in life. So needless to say, life has been a little CRAZY!

This past weekend we were able to escape and travel for the first time to NYC to celebrate my 25th birthday! I’m going to share just some of my favorite highlights from the trip with you guys. I could more than likely sit here all day and talk about all things NYC. I totally beyond fell in LOVE with the city this weekend. I had an expectation in my mind of what it would be like, but NYC met and exceeded each of those!

The very first thing we did upon our arrival, was hop on an open bus tour. I think this was the smartest thing we could have ever done. While there we ended up doing three or four of their different tour sections but this was a great way to see where everything was and how it was all connected. We could also easily hop on and hop off if there was a attraction we wanted to see, all while learning lots about the city. We chose Grey Line, simply because that’s the company that was standing at the street corner we walked to first.

We stayed in the heart of Times Square at the Marriott Marquis and LOVED every second of it. One of our favorite past times was people watching in Times Square, we found benches or the big red steps to sit on and were amused for hours! Seriously, it is such a fun melting pot of human beings it’s so interesting to just sit back and absorb all of it.

Can you really go to NYC and come home without talking about the food? I mean oh. my. gosh. so. good. We’ve been home two days and I already miss the sandwich shops, pizza parlors, little corner bakeries, and the yummy smells all floating through the air from the restaurants. A few of our favorites includes:

  • Junior’s Cheescake Thinking about it, makes me want a whole jar of those pickles right now. We totally went over board on dessert at Junior’s, but it was sooo good! I mean really, combining two of my most favorite desserts, Cheesecake and Carrot Cake and making carrot cake cheesecake was heavenly. I gave it all the heart eyes and ate every last bite.


  • Carmine’s  where we ate some of the most delicious Italian ever!! It’s family style so the portions are huge!! We started out with Stuffed Mushrooms and they were probably the most flavorful that I have ever eaten. My husband, my parents and myself shared the Chicken Parmasean and the Penne Alla Vodka and still didn’t finish it all. 14199184_10210718840556046_5398970024054546922_n
  • Carve Sandwich Shop was super yummy, we had a plethora of items here, from pizza to chicken wraps to breakfast sandwiches, and not one was bad. My husband kept loading so much in his chicken wrap the sandwich maker said no more room! It was honestly almost as big as his head.
  • The Kellogg store in Times Square was something I totally wasn’t looking forward to. When I first saw it, I was like why would someone want to eat a bowl of cereal in Times Square, but honestly it was the best cereal I have EVER eaten! Soo yummy and so many fun cereal blending choices that I guarantee you would have never thought of before.  14192666_10210718837315965_8179463269375550690_n
  • Magnolia Bakery has the best banana pudding ever, right? Well that’s the dang truth!  While we were there, they had a special Peanut Butter Banana Pudding. Now if you tell me that you have added Peanut Butter to anything I can about pretty much gurantee that I’m going to love it about a million times more. I ordered a Large Size to go for myself, kept it on ice in the hotel room and finished off the case for breakfast the next morning. Now, if only I could figure out how to make it at home!


Of course, we visited Central Park, Chinatown, Little Italy, Macy’s Herald Square, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, and everywhere else we could stop in at. We crammed so much into this trip, now if only someone could have been waiting in my room to rub my feet every day after walking, it would have been perfect! 😉

In our family, we are all about gifting experiences instead of little trinkets. My mom and I have always wanted to go to a Blow Dry Bar and we got our first experience in the basement of Macy’s in Herald Square and it was awesome. We both have naturally curly hair so to see these ladies use hair dryers and style our hair the way they did was soo fun! Definitely a memory with my mom that I will never forget. Something I definitely recommend splurging on at some point in your life.

One of my favorite places we went on the trip was the 9/11 Tribute Museum. I was in fifth grade when the terrorist attack happened, I remember watching on tv at school that day in 2001 in pure fear of what would happen next. Ever since I have studied and read tons of stories of survivors and those not so fortunate of how their lives changed that day. It was so amazing to see all of the artifacts and hear and read the stories from that day. I have to admit, sitting in the room where the names of those who died that day and listening to their last words on voicemail left for loved ones left my in tears.

Before we went to the 9/11 Memorial we got to experience the new One World Trade Center. It was truly the most beautiful building that I have EVER seen. We went to the top and experienced the One World Observatory where you could see forever. Words cannot explain how it felt to look across miles and miles, from Brooklyn to New Jersey, and everywhere in between from 100 floors up!

The Statue of Liberty was another favorite for me! We all grew up seeing pictures and reading the history books but then to actually see it in person you are totally blown away. We had tickets to go up in the Pedestal, so it was cool to get to climb up there, go inside a national monument and see the city across the water from higher up. {If you are planning on going, I definitely recommend purchasing tickets in advance to gain access to the pedestal, or the crown tour, they sell out months in advance!}


On my actual birthday we decided to go see a Broadway Show, I’m a total five year old at heart so of course I chose Matilda as my show of choice. I sat on the edge of my seat literally the entire time. I was enchanted by each song that was sung, the visuals on stage and the immaculate detail you could tell went into each aspect of the production. I would have watched a Broadway show every single night we were there if I would have known that they would be that great.


I hope that you enjoyed the highlights of this trip, while it was my first visit to NYC it definitely won’t be my last! Thanks for letting me share my favorite memories with you!




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