Banner Elk Weekend Getaway

{So apparently I lost cell-service when I wrote this, because I wrote it on the way back down the mountain from our weekend getaway a few weeks ago, but still wanted to share!} 

My husband and I absolutely love to travel, even getting away for weekend getaways that may seem silly to some are fun for us. We normally go to a town nearby and camp in our camper, this weekend our town of choice was Banner Elk. We loaded up the camper and went to The Little Campground in between Banner Elk and Elk Park. Now this place was a place of total serenity. There are four campsites and we were the only people there for the weekend! It was great.

Apparently Banner Elk is dead this time of year, no one was visiting so it was perfect for us. We loved being able to stop in anywhere we wanted to grab dinner, eat lunch, or enjoy the surroundings without crowds of people. On Friday night, we had dinner at Puerto Nuevo, my obsession is their Carne Asada Tacos with lots and lots of Lime, Thomas loves their Pollo Loco.

Saturday morning was great, waking up with no schedule. Thomas watched television for a little while {this campground had wi-fi and Satelitte for each campsite} and I pulled out my rag quilt that I am making for him and went outside the camper and snipped the edges into rags. If only I could work on every one of my quilts in that environment! I also had s’mores for breakfast and they were heavenly even though they didn’t really go with my diet. But when you are on vacation, the diet goes out the window, right?!

For lunch we drove to Banner Elk and ate at the The Banner Elk Cafe and I had the most amazing pita ever stuffed full of grilled chicken smothered in teriyaki glaze, pineapple, bacon, cheese and tomato, called The Hawaiian Chicken Pita. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it! I am such a foodie, I am obsessed!

We just recently figured out that it was our little Kenzie Doodle’s Fourth Birthday that day so we stopped in My Best Friend’s Barkery and picked her up a birthday treat. She loved it she had the icing licked off in about five seconds and we loved getting to spoil her a little more that day.

After we ate we drove down some curvy back roads to get to the Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, and it is just plopped down in the most beautiful area. While there, we of course had to buy candy and I got a puzzle to work on and leave in the camper. It was a good thing to, because a storm rolled in that evening and we ended up losing power. At least I had my 1,000 piece puzzle to keep me occupied, and I finished every piece. Thomas told me if he knew puzzles kept me that occupied he was going to start buying me one every week! 🙂

What a perfect little weekend getaway we had! Before we pulled out this morning I snapped this picture of Kenzie running through the grass, she had just discovered these dandelions and her face was covered in the little pieces from it. We will definitely be back to camp in this area…so until next time!



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