The Reminder I Needed.

Last night at Revival, Brother Gravley named off all the things that our God is all through out the Bible. It was powerful and a mighty thing to hear, in fact, I said Amen more during that five minutes last night than I’ve ever said Amen in my life before.

But before this ever happened, on Wednesday, I had to go drop off some papers in a County Office building, not in Wilkes. Unsure of where exactly I needed to be, I started with the first office I heard someone in. I turned the corner and on the wall behind her, was this poster, (posted below) and surrounding it were canvases of Bible verses her daughters had painted for her. I was amazed that someone would stand in this much faith, that they had this literally covering their wall in a county office! I told the lady thank you for having them up there, and she said “you wouldn’t believe the people that I have to deal with in here. I just hope that they touch someone as much as they do me, when I can just look over my shoulder and see ‘Be Still, and know that I Am God’ I get such a peace that gives me the right things to say.”
It took her a minute to help figure out which direction she suggested I started first so I started reading the poster behind her. You see the poster in the center of her wall was not a poster that had all the names of Christ, it’s a poster that says all the things I am because of who He is. 🙌🏻
I ended up being sent on a wild goose chase throughout that building because it seemed that no one knew where I was supposed to be turning those papers in. I got in the elevator by myself and I was angry, frustrated, tired, and upset, literally having to go to what felt like every office in there. I stepped in the elevator and it was just me and God. And He spoke to me, you see, in that ladies office on the canvases were the verses I needed to see in THAT very moment. Verses like Psalms 46:10, Psalm 141:3 and several others. And in that chaotic moment, I was reminded that I need to guard my tongue, I needed to remember that through all the chaos, God had a purpose for what I was doing and that I needed to approach the situation with a cheerful heart. I needed to Be Still and know that He is God, and He’s going to take care of me.
 “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10
“Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.” Psalm 141:3
I don’t know how God led me to her office first because it wasn’t on the first floor, and it wasn’t just an obvious place to go, but I sure am thankful that He did. I’m thankful He knows what we need and provides it exactly in the moment that we need it. Just like He sent the words last night to brother Ricky, so I could be reminded that I am what I am, because He is what He is.

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