The Simple Things

Last night will go down as one of my favorite nights in the history of ever. Usually after supper is the time that I would do household chores or go in my craft room and work on one of my many projects while Thomas binge watches his favorite shows. But last night, my husband begged me to just sit and relax with him in the living room. So, I sat down and we watched a tv show together.

As soon as it was over, he looked at me and said, wanna go sit out on the front porch? And I have to admit the inner-five year old girl in me squealed with excitement. I’m pretty sure I looked at him and said, did you really just say that?  All of my life, I have dreamed of me and my future husband sitting in rocking chairs on our front porch growing old together. Up is my all time favorite movie in the history of ever, and I wanted to be just like Carl & Ellie in their chairs growing old together. My husband has always said why in the world would you wanna go sit on the side of our busy road in a rocking chair, so when this was his suggestion last night I was over the moon!

My parents bought us rocking chairs as our wedding present but since it’s been cold out I’ve kept them down in the basement. About a month ago, we carried the rocking chairs around and put them on the porch. The chairs just looked bare so I made some pillows to add some color and they have sat there on the porch as decorations for a month.

Until last night, we had not experienced the simple beauty that surrounds our home. The weather was perfect. We sat and rocked with no distractions for at least two hours, our phones, the dog, the tv, the computers were all inside the house. We talked about our favorite childhood memories, life plans, and everything in between. It was perfect. We watched cars go by. We even realized that airplanes must have a path right above our house because they kept flying over like they were all going down a road in the sky.

In my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about how this is how it must have been in the old days before cell-phones consumed our world. People sat in simplicity and truly enjoyed the company of others. I know it’s only been like twelve hours since ‘my perfect night’ but I already am looking at the world with different eyes this morning.

The only good thing about this Daylight Savings Time Change is that I actually get to enjoy the sunrises each morning. This morning, I looked across the tree tops and I saw water towers sticking out above them greeting the glowing sun as it rose. Something I never realized before.

Last night reminded me that the simple things in life are truly the most beautiful.


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